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Block Paving

Grey Block Paving

From standard rectangular block paving through to the increasingly popular rumbled tegula style block paving, Thakeham has something to suit both contemporary and traditional settings alike.

Choosing your Block Paving

The main cost of your new driveway or patio area is in the installation and therefore, the main concern when choosing which type of block paving to go for, is how well it will complement and enhance your home. Getting the colour right is equally important, so your choice either harmonises or contrasts well with the brickwork of your property.

Another important consideration is what type of traffic is expected, for instance, if you own a heavy vehicle like a 4x4, then a 60mm thick paving will be better suited. Thakeham's range of block paving provides a comprehensive choice of styles and colours to match most situations and settings.

Block Paving Selector
Range Cost Characteristics
Thakeham 50 ££ Rectangular block, small chamfer, single size, 50mm, 5 colours
Thakeham 60 ££ Rectangular block, small chamfer, single size, 60mm, 5 colours
Cobblestone £££ 3 mixed sizes, large chamfer, 60mm, 3 colours
Chiltington Rumbled ££££ 3 mixed sizes, rumbled, 60mm, 4 colours
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