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Important Information


High pressure washers are not recommended for use on wet cast paving.


Colours shown on this website are as accurate as possible but will be affected by screen settings and equipment used. We strongly recommend final choices of colour should be made from actual samples of the product. Your local stockist should be able to supply samples, if not then please contact us.

Variations in colour within the concrete product ranges are normal, although every effort is made to ensure colour consistency of product colour. However, variations between production batches do occur. We therefore strongly recommend that when purchasing our products, especially in large quantities, they all come from the same batch and that the products are thoroughly mixed by drawing from a number of packs. The Company does not accept liability for any shade variation. Poor drainage may result in water retention which could affect the way the paving reacts to the natural weathering process, which in itself can affect paving colour.

De-icing Salts

De-icing salts should not be applied to any concrete products as surface damage can occur.

Differential Weathering

Occasionally dark shade variations can occur on individual slabs due to differential weathering. This natural phenomenon is caused by the surface of the paving curing at different rates after manufacture and in its early life. Natural changes in ambient temperature and humidity can cause this shade variation though the effect normally diminishes with time as the paving matures. It is in no way detrimental to the long-term durability of the product and responsibility cannot be accepted for this natural occurrence.


Concrete products with high cement content may suffer the temporary phenomenon of efflorescence. This is not detrimental to the performance of the material and responsibility cannot be accepted for this occurence.

Health and Safety

Concrete products can be heavy and awkward to handle. Refer to the Health and Safety Executive's guidance on manual handling prior to working with such products.

It is recommended that work gloves are used to prevent abrasion to hands and lime burns from wet mortar. Eye protection and dust masks should also be used when cutting with either chisels or disc cutters.

For further health and safety information download our Concrete Products Data sheet.

Product Improvement

Thakeham policy is one of continuous improvement and we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.


Check suitability of product when dry. Should a product reach you in an unsatisfactory condition, other than a naturally occuring one, as described in this section, the defect would have to be apparent prior to laying. It is at this point that the supplier should be notified of such a fault, allowing time for the rejected product to be replaced. If the complaint is raised after the laying of the product, no responsibilty will be accepted for any relaying and removing costs.


Certain products may not be held by stockists as 'stock' items. Most stockists will be prepared to obtain these products for you. Should you experience problems obtaining the items you require please contact us.


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