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Building A Garden Wall

  • Do not forget a good job starts with firm foundations.
  • As a general rule the depth of a wall's foundation should be a third of its height and the width three times wider than the wall.
  • For any load bearing walls, retaining walls over 600mm and walls over 1.5m expert advice is recommended.
  • To get started dig out the topsoil to firm ground to the desired depth and width. Then lay a solid foundation of concrete using 6 parts all-in ballast to 1 part cement.
  • Lay an even spread of mortar, made from 3 to 4 parts building sand to one part cement, over the foundations using a trowel. Then stretch a building line from either ends of the wall and start laying a couse at a time working in from the ends. It is important to check for accuracy in all directions using a spirit level as you move along.
  • Use a pointing trowel to smooth and finish the mortar joints. Only build between 6 to 8 courses at a time, allowing the mortar to set before continuing.
  • Support pillars, wall ties and expansion joints are all important considerations when building walls and we strongly recommend getting advice on these items before starting your project.
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